Veterans Memorial Donations

The Export Historical Society will be relocating the Veterans Memorial Parklet in 2021.   We are raising money so that we can move the memorial to a location for everyone to see, 

and we need your help raising money for this movement.

There is a form at the bottom of the page with all of the donation information.  The pdf document form needs to be downloaded or printed.  Please fill it out and return it  by December 30, 2020 to receive your year end tax deduction. We will still accept donations after that day. 

The donation deadline is March 30, 2021. 


Send your donation to: 5885 Filmore Avenue Export, PA

If you have questions, call Melanie Litz at 724-327-7308, or email her at





Please consider sending a donation so we can relocate our Veterans Memorial Parklet to a location for everyone to see. Donation information is on the pdf form.